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About 86400 Seconds Movement

The 86400 Movement is the instigator for living a renewed life of intention and relevance, ultimately managing your unique purpose to not only make a difference, but be the difference. Those involved in the movement are change agents using their abilities to bring about solutions to various challenges we face throughout our daily gift of 86400.


The 86400 Movement mission is to bring people together to use their gift of 86400 seconds to make a positive difference in the world. The movement strives to awaken the social consciousness of individuals thereby encouraging volunteerism and social action.


Our purpose is to serve as a resource and a platform for individuals to move from thought to action, to take up social action, learn new skills, generate ideas and express their views, ultimately using their unique purpose to effect change that will lead to a better life, a better 86400 for all.


* To create a platform for social action.
* To help individuals realize their full potential and serve as active members of their community and citizens of the world.
* To provide opportunity to implement positive ideas that will build strong communities.
* To provide life-changing activities that inspire individuals to fearlessly pursue their purpose, dreams and compassionately change the world.
* To sensitize youth and adults about social issues.


86400 Movement Channel

An interactive web-site (Radio, Podcast, Blogs, TV) that serves as an online connectors providing news, information, and activities of relevance to social development.

86400 Faces of Education

College students giving one hour of their week to students in public schools; i.e., tutoring, mentoring and activities that make a positive difference with our youth.

86400 Thought to Action

Organized social action activities as well as implementation of social initiatives in communities across the country. Areas include but is not limited to issues of education, health / wellness and the environments.

86400 Second Movement
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“Every Second is a Gift”

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